Cllr David Bittleston

Footpath from White Rose Lane to St John the Baptist School and Old Woking


A number of residents have complained that the footpath running from White Rose Lane and the Hoe Stream to St John the Baptist School and Old Woking is in a bad state of repair, with trip hazards from overgrown branches and hedges and the poorly maintained fence. The route is difficult to navigate, particularly for elderly people, during the daytime and is unwelcoming in the dark.


My fellow ward councillor, Cllr David Bittleston, and I have taken this matter up with Serco and with the officer responsible for neighbourhood services to see if we can get some remedial action taken. We will update residents as soon as we have anything to report.


Rubbish collection in Barrens Close


The Barrens Close Residents’ Association has been in touch with me and my fellow ward councillor, Cllr David Bittleston to question the recent change in schedule for rubbish collection. The properties in Barrens Close have to use rubbish sacks because the very steep slope means it is difficult to put the wheelie bins in the correct place and for the contractors to empty them. While the blue bags can be safely left out overnight, this is not the case for black sacks containing food waste as these are frequently torn by foxes which scatter rubbish across the road and pavement. This means that residents have to wake up very early, at about 6am, to put their bin bags out on the day of collection.


I am told it is quite difficult to change the collection patterns. However, Cllr Bittleston and I have been in touch with Geoff McManus, who is the officer responsible for managing the contract, to see if anything can be done. We will update residents as soon as we have a response.


Access road to St Dunstan’s from Onslow Crescent


Earlier in the summer a number of residents expressed concern about an application for a fire road across the northern boundary playing field of St Dunstan’s school to provide emergency access from Onslow Crescent. It was felt that the proposed access road will take up an unacceptably large proportion of the main playing field, limiting future recreational activity.


Residents also sought reassurances that the school would limit this road to fire access only. Onslow Crescent is already congested at pick up and drop off times, and there were fears that the proposed new access route could be used as a relief road, further exacerbating the problem.


Following these representations my fellow Mount Hermon East ward councillor, Cllr David Bittleston, raised the matter with planning officers and was able to secure a condition which confirmed that the access road will only be used for fire or emergency access. A series of protective restrictions were also put in place, with the council being required to approve any pruning or removal of trees, to ensure taht there would be no loss of amenity for residents.