News Articles


Dog walker ordered to pay £3,000 after ‘nasty’ attack on young boy, Woking Advertiser, 03/06/2016


Mount Hermon Ward Result: Thomson and Lyons removed, Woking News & Mail, 06/05/2016


Resolution pledged for eyesore of the Block, Woking News & Mail, 22/04/2016


Woking’s Labour Party caught in race storm, Woking News & Mail, 18/03/2016


Delays in delivering Hoe Valley School’s permanent home, Woking News & Mail, 14/03/2016


Woking Borough Council election fraud costs exceed £200k, Woking News & Mail, 18/2/2016


Child sexual exploitation training could be mandatory for Woking taxi drivers, Woking Advertiser, 01/02/2016


Bollard theft halts progress, Woking News & Mail, 13/11/2015


Councillors pledge to crackdown on failure to ID kids, Woking News & Mail, 23/10/2015


In from the cold, Woking News & Mail, 14/12/2014


On the verge of an international unity, Woking News & Mail, 14/12/2014


Well, that was short and Tweet, Woking News & Mail, 26/09/2014


Tory glory takes top slot, Woking News & Mail, 30/05/2014


Local elections 2014: Woking Borough Council, Woking Advertiser, 23/05/2014


Bed bar in last chance saloon, Woking News & Mail, 28/03/2014


Bed bar in Woking ‘pulling out every stop’ to address crime concerns, Woking Advertiser, 21/02/2014


Woking nightclub must show ‘immediate’ improvements, Woking News & Mail, 21/02/2014


Veteran cabbie irate about delay in Euro 5 ruling, Woking News & Mail, 29/11/2013


Popular hotel has licence bid denied, Woking News & Mail, 15/11/2013


Taxi emissions ruling set for January start, Woking News & Mail, 18/10/2013


Cutting spending at Woking Borough Council, Taxpayers’ Alliance, 16/10/2013


The Sovereign’s in Woking wins pub gold, Surrey Mirror, 30/08/2012


Free church parking could become multi-faith, Woking Advertiser, 15/06/2012


Woking Borough Council to keep free parking for church goers, Woking News & Mail, 13/06/2012


£4.6m facelift for ‘shabby’ part of Woking, Woking Advertiser, 11/06/2012


Woking Borough Council embroiled in ‘mug’ controversy, Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser, 02/03/2012


Free church parking to be reviewed, Woking Advertiser, 21/10/2011


Moves to restrict pole dancing and strip clubs, Woking Advertiser, 24/01/2011


Lib Dems and Tories spar for seats in Woking, Woking Advertiser, 10/05/2010


Local election results in Surrey, Woking Advertiser, 02/05/2008


Development at the price of green belt?, Woking Advertiser, 20/04/2006


Release of nomination papers kicks off election fever, Woking Advertiser, 06/04/2006