Rubbish collection in Barrens Close


The Barrens Close Residents’ Association has been in touch with me and my fellow ward councillor, Cllr David Bittleston to question the recent change in schedule for rubbish collection. The properties in Barrens Close have to use rubbish sacks because the very steep slope means it is difficult to put the wheelie bins in the correct place and for the contractors to empty them. While the blue bags can be safely left out overnight, this is not the case for black sacks containing food waste as these are frequently torn by foxes which scatter rubbish across the road and pavement. This means that residents have to wake up very early, at about 6am, to put their bin bags out on the day of collection.


I am told it is quite difficult to change the collection patterns. However, Cllr Bittleston and I have been in touch with Geoff McManus, who is the officer responsible for managing the contract, to see if anything can be done. We will update residents as soon as we have a response.


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