Noise disturbance on Heathside Gardens


I recently met with the principal of the Harven School of English to discuss concerns about noise disturbance made by residents in Heathside Gardens, including complaints about children screaming and shouting while playing during breaktimes, loud conversations and heated arguments amongst older students, and footballs being kicked against neighbours’ fences. While residents accept that there will be a degree of noise from the school, it was felt that the situation has deteriorated in the past few weeks and was spoiling the tranquil and peaceful character of Heathside Gardens during the summer months.


Following my intervention, the school has agreed to move the sports equipment away from the boundaries of the neighbouring properties and to have a word with their older students about the need to be considerate of others during study breaks. I am now told that there has been a marked improvement, and that the principal has been in touch with neighbours to talk through any issues.


I am pleased this matter has been resolved constructively and that the school authorities are making a positive attempt to control the noise. Future issues could best be resolved by direct contact and communication between residents and the school, and a willingness to show tolerance and flexibility on both sides.


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